A Brief History...

Tullahoma Seventh-Day Adventist School began humbly in a back room of the Tullahoma SDA Church in 1956 and ran for only two years.

In 1973 the Turkey Creek property was purchased, and plans for a new school were underway. The new school opened in 1979 and Tullahoma Seventh-Day Adventist School moved to the beautiful 9-acre campus. 


In 1988 enrollment dropped, and the school had to close for a time. However, it reopened in 1997 with 14 students.

Tullahoma Seventh-Day Adventist School has remained open since then and has experienced a vibrant 22 years of educating the young people in our community and helping to lead them to Christ.

Today, students are engaged in Bible Studies, music programs, and are taking part in church service. God has blessed our school, our students, and our community through education.