2020-2021 School Supply List

All Students:

2 x Composition style notebooks (not spiral bound)

2 x Cardboard trifold standing poster boards

24 x #2 Pencils (Recommend Ticonderoga brand - last the longest) *No mechanical pencils*

1 x Pair scissors

3 x Pink erasers

1 x Colored pencils or markers (need to fit in school supply box)

4 x Glue sticks

4 x THIN expo markers (for student use, any color)

1 x Binder 1 inch

1 x Pack of 5 subject dividers

3 x Antibacterial cleaning wipes

3 x box of tissues

1 x Hand sanitizer pump bottle (unscented)

2 x Packs paper plates (no Styrofoam)


Grades 1-2 Only:

1 x Box of crayons (need to fit in school box)


Grades 3-8 Only:

2 x Highlighters



-School supplies need to be kept to a minimum and kept in one small plastic latching school supply box for cleaning and sanitizing. (No plastic drawers this year)

-Please avoid anything that cannot be sanitized (cloth/texture/porous)

-The state of Tennessee is providing us with cloth masks for all students (students will only be required to wear masks if they are coughing or sneezing).